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Petra Losonczi Kiss

How To Find The Right Photographer For Your Pet business

So you decided...your images are not good enough....you need a photographer...

When I say photographer, I mean a professional photographer. Not just your cousin’s friend who bought a camera last week.

How are you going to find the right photographer?

There are different photographers for different fields, like doctors or teachers. You wouldn’t go to a brain surgeon with your cough. Or you wouldn’t expect a math teacher to teach your child about photosynthesis.

It is the same when it comes to photographers. You need to choose the right one.

A wedding photographer is good posing couples, doing group pictures and capturing the first kiss. Would he be good with a dog? He might actually be, but does he know anything about the pet industry and pet owners?

A portrait/family photographer is great doing a head shot and posed pictures. They have a lot of patience, they might be good with animals. Still, do they know your ideal clients and how they think?

A pet photographer is great to capture your dog or cat when they are running around. He knows the pet owners and how they think. However would he be good posing you as well?

A property photographer is good with interior and a newborn photographer is amazing with babies, I don’t think I need to get into details here.

Or you have another choice!

A brand photographer! But not any kind of brand photographer, one who has experience in portrait, and pet photography as well. Maybe even worked in the pet industry and knows pet owners like an open book, knows the exact images they are looking for when in need for a dog trainer/dog groomer/vet/pet sitter or any other pet professional.

This photographer can help you capture the images that will build know, like and trust with people. This will help you attract these ideal clients and get your calendar filled up with bookings.

Just to note here: If you are a product based pet business and you would like to have images of your products within your brand photography session, then make sure that the photographer you choose has a studio to carry this out.

Business or as known as brand photography is an investment! Do not go for the nearest or cheapest photographer because if the images aren’t showing your true personality and the way you work, you might as well just spend your money on something else.

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